Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three Heads Are Better Than One!

Liz Stauffer, Sally Goldenbaum, B.K. Stevens, me, Wendy Tyson

My first Malice Domestic panel was fantastic! Authors Sally Goldenbaum, LizStauffer, B.K. (Bonnie) Stevens, Wendy Tyson, and I discussed how “Three Heads Are Better Than One,” concerning sleuths who work in teams. Debut authors Liz and Wendy have several completed novels—Liz in one series and Wendy in two. Malice participants could purchase Sally’s latest Seaside Knitters novel, MURDER IN MERINO. Bonnie, who’s published over forty short stories, has her first novel INTERPRETATION OF MURDER coming out from Black Opal Press. On Mother’s Day, Bonnie's family celebrated by giving her: a black opal pendant (husband) and engraved carving board (daughter).
From B.K. Stevens' Facebook Page


  1. What a wonderful family Bonnie has!

  2. You're right, Kaye. I've had the pleasure of meeting her husband Dennis. He and Bonnie are a beautiful couple.