Sunday, May 10, 2015

Malice Domestic 2015

Malice Domestic was a wonderful experience of nonstop action.
Aziz Rakla, driver and friend, provided transportation.

WWKers Gloria Alden, E.B. Davis, Shari Randall, KM Rockwood, Grace Topping, and I gathered in the bar.
I connected with SinC friends, Chapter Presidents, and Guppies.

Panelists Cathy Ace, Peggy Hanson, Maria Hudgins, Maddy Hunter, and I discussed globe trotter sleuths.

At Art Taylor’s banquet table, we celebrated his second “Best Short Story” Agatha.
The new authors’ breakfast was terrific.

In Authors’ Alley, B.K. “Bonnie” Stevens introduced INTERPRETATION OF MURDER with daughter Sarah giving a sign language demonstration. It was truly a delightful conference!

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  1. please,,,i would like to get the number phone of this Driver Aziz Rakla......thank you