Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jim Jackson's Ant Farm

James M. Jackson
Congratulations, James M. Jackson, whose Seamus McCree mystery Ant Farm, a prequel to Bad Policy (2013) and Cabin Fever (2014), both published by Barking Rain Press, has been released through the Kindle Scout program. As Jim explains it in Judy Alter’s Judy’s Stew blog, Kindle Scout is an Amazon platform that allows readers to “nominate” books for publication as ebooks by Kindle Press. In Jim’s words, “Think ‘American Idol’ meets corporate behemoth Amazon.” In Ant Farm, financial crimes consultant Seamus McCree investigates the botulism murders of thirty-eight retirees at a picnic to celebrate their accomplishments. Wishing you great success, Jim!


  1. Paula -- thanks for the shout out. In case anyone is interested in buying a copy of Ant Farm, I have links to the various outlets on my website ~ Jim

  2. Jim, it's a great read. I hope many folks will enjoy it!