Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Church Groundskeepers' Tale

Asa Arnold, Colleen Arnold, PGB

John Arnold, Mark Wade, Valerie Ward, Jim Jarvis
Poster by Susan Craft
Last Christmas, the St. Paul’s Players presented an original production, The Church Groundskeepers’ Christmas Pageant. The cast included Asa Arnold, Colleen Arnold, John Arnold, Brenda Byrd, Jim Jarvis, Valerie Ward, and Mark Wade. Bette Althof served as musician. Our project benefited the Stephen Ministry. I really appreciated the compliment that the play could be performed by any church and, despite some of language (“mold, flatulence, and fur”) and bad jokes (wise men must be fightfighters because they come from “afar”), the message of being kind to all since you never know who’s in need fit the holiday and all seasons.
Valerie Ward, Brenda Byrd, Colleen Arnold

Jim Jarvis and Asa Arnold

Tommy Crump and Jim Jarvis

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