Friday, December 23, 2016

People Who Live In Gingerbread Houses Shouldn’t Lick the Icing

[An Original 100-Word Story, or Drabble, by Paula Gail Benson]

As the reporter admired the gingerbread village, Chef Fitch ignored his assistants, Hans and Gerda, who labored at a side table.

“I wish the oven were bigger,” Hans whispered.

“Unnecessary, if you have the proper ingredients,” replied Gerda.

“Can eating a gingerbread house pose a health hazard?”

The chef laughed at the reporter’s question. “Only from spoiled eggs or reaction to a nut allergy.” He gathered a finger-full of icing from a rooftop, plopped it in his mouth, then grimaced. “Too gritty.”

Gerda smiled. “I could have ground the walnuts more firmly.”

“Or, maybe the spoiled eggs congealed,” Hans suggested.