Monday, April 21, 2014

Disciples in 2014 Living Last Supper

Photo by Colleen Arnold
This year’s production of The Living Last Supper featured as the disciples: John Arnold (Philip), Jim Coward (Simon), Reggie Hall (Thaddeus), Jim Jarvis (James the Lesser), Olin Jenkins (Peter), Neil Lown (John), Jim Nantz (Thomas), Randy Nolff (Nathaniel), Arthur Suggs (Andrew), Scott Stepp (Judas), Danny Varn (James the Elder), Mark Wade (Matthew).
Mark Wade, Reggie Hall, Jim Coward (Photo by Colleen Arnold)

Jim Jarvis (Photo by Colleen Arnold)

Jim Nantz (Photo by Colleen Arnold)

Eight appeared in all four presentations (2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014), one has been in three, and three are new this year. All conveyed through their characterizations the conflicting emotions of confusion, anger, bewilderment, and fearfulness from the evening of that last meal together in the Upper Room.

Randy Nolff (Photo by Colleen Arnold)

Neil Lown, Danny Varn, Olin Jenkins (Photo by Colleen Arnold)

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