Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Here's to the Troublemakers!

In this month of hearts and flowers, when amorous relationships are celebrated, let’s not forget those who help drive the lovers into each other’s arms: the villains or at least those whose malevolent motives cause the chaos the charmed couple must surmount to be together. February’s Drabble (100 word stories) of “Ferreted Out Fairy Tales” feature the “Malicious Menacers,” beginning with the step families in Cinderella and Snow White’s sagas. Oh, and to keep the spirit of the month, the February Drabble will be in rhyme!

 The Steps’ Laments by Paula Gail Benson

What should have been our dream come true,
Was marred by you--adorable you!
We thought ourselves so very smart
To wheedle our way into his heart.
But, when we arrived in your world,
Our fury ignited and anger unfurled.
Next to you--favored, pampered, prized--
We dwindled to nothing in his eyes.
Seeking to displace your favor
Gave us diabolical thoughts to savor.
Cindy and Snow, soon you came to realize,
How much your presences were despised!
Yet, whether worked to the bone or driven away
Somehow your influence continued to stay,
Regretfully, even to this day!

©  Paula Gail Benson, all rights reserved