Monday, February 18, 2019

Witches of the Woods and Waters

Here are the thoughts of two witches, one who imprisoned Rapunzel and the other who made a deal with the Little Mermaid.

The Vexing Hexers by Paula Gail Benson

Malignancy blooms best in darkness,
Fostered by starkness
Producing rage.
If fury rises to the surface,
Generated by an internal purpose
An impending eruption is difficult to gauge.

When my garden was invaded
My anger was abated
By an infant given to me.
I hid her in a tower
Hoping to keep her in my power
But our seclusion was not to be.

I lingered in the depths of the ocean,
Plotting with minions and potions,
Waiting ‘til the mermaid sought my spell.
But, magic comes with a price,
And mine wasn’t so nice,
Depending on the story you tell.

© Paula Gail Benson, all rights reserved

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